“A writer as widely read as Sartre invariably suffers from a contempt bred by familiarity.”

“That there are two literatures in our time, the bad, which is really unreadable (it is widely read) and the good, which is not read.”

“The quote from Mondzain is instructive. What did God do? Whose side was God on?”

I think it is generally accepted that the Abrahamic faiths deliberately misconstrued Esu and his representations.

Who can unmake water? Who can unmake song?

“We who are born in an ever-contested landscape recognize this, and perhaps we recognize it more intensely.”

“He had seen that gait every day for six years and had grown to hate the arrogance it exuded. It was Fatai, and he was holding a purse.”

“What is loss, if not your body refusing to give you back to yourself.”